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Beginning and Basic Obedience

Beginning obedience classes set the foundation for your relationship with your dog or puppy. By employing motivational obedience techniques, you will learn how to teach before demanding it. You begin to learn your dog’s language and how to effectively establish control and communication from the leash down. Once the foundation has been laid, basic obedience expands on the commands taught in the Beginning sessions and focuses on the overall behavior. As you and your dog progress, you will have the opportunity to complete the (testing for next level training) AKC Canine Good Citizen certification testing.

Our private lessons typically begin in your home and around your neighborhood, we gradually move on to areas like downtown Los Angeles or North Hollywood to introduce more distractions to your dog. You are the guiding force of these lessons; we address your concerns while also teaching obedience commands and giving you invaluable instruction on how to manage your dog. Our trainers assess your individual needs and create a program that is tailor made for you and your dog. Each Private Lesson package focuses on walking on a loose leash while also learning the obedience commands of sit, down, stand and stay and more. Each private lesson is approximately 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week for the duration of your training package.

Our training methods do not typically rely on food. Instead, we believe in using physical affection and verbal praise for reward.

We’ll pick up your dog and take him for 1 hour or longer. We’ll concentrate on correcting any of the behavioral issues you’re experiencing as well as all the usual obedience commands. Your dog will be around other dogs, other people and in various environments and situations to help develop him into a well-behaved companion. You also have one free private lesson at your disposal that allows you to have one-on-one time with your trainer.

The A.K9101T.C. coach offers programs in behavior modification, obedience, personal protection and competitive dog sports. Honesty, integrity and training that is fun for you and your pet have made the A.K9101T.C. coach a success for over 25 years. 

Artak, the A.K9101T.C Coach, offers practical, affordable, no-hassle dog training. He can help you and your dog become a team. 

Think of dog training as a triangle composed of instructor, owner and your K9. Each side of the triangle depends upon the other two, and all must communicate properly in order to succeed.

One Time Visit
We charge a $75 to $125 evaluation fee to come to your home and talk to you about what behavioral issues you’re experiencing with your dog and go over what you can expect from our training packages. The evaluation fee is waived when you sign up for training during that evaluation.

(These packages are not appropriate for all dogs; dogs must qualify for this option)

PROGRAM A               
Advanced Obedience

With communication and control established, you and your dog may move on to Advanced obedience training. Dogs and handlers at the Advanced level work mostly off-leash and incorporate some agility training into their routines. Techniques that further establish control such as motivational heel, responding to commands at a distance, staying with distractions or when the handler is out of sight, are perfected. Advanced training is the perfect preparation for competitive sports.
P-A: $800 - $1,600

Dog Sport
When competing any of the variety of Dog Sports, a dog must be trusted in the open field, off leash and surrounded by a myriad of distractions. Competing in Dog Sports requires a dedicated handler who’s willing to continually work to achieve this level of focused and advanced communication with their dog.
P-B: $5,400 - $6,500                                                                                                                       


Personal Protection
Beyond the obvious benefits of personal protection, Protection training is one establish order with a dog exhibiting aggressive tendencies. Training for protection gives the dog a controlled outlet for their energy and provides the bite work are part of many of the Dog Sports mentioned above and may be required as part of training for competition.  
P-C: $6,800 - $8,500

If you choose our A B C packages will be $10,500. For more information contact us at